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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a highly sought-after product in the building and construction sector. As an engineered wood product it is an aesthetical, high performance construction product, and can be supplied as a prefabricated component to enhance off-site manufacture and modular construction methods which reduce waste and save time.

LVL offers a range of benefits to building owners, developers, specifiers and construction companies. NelsonPine® LVL provides a higher strength to weight ratio than concrete and steel, as well as the environmental and socio-economic benefits of wood.

There are significant carbon savings to be made by incorporating NelsonPine® LVL into buildings by reducing the carbon emissions associated with structural building elements.

The NelsonPine® LVL Mass Components team encourages all developers, specifiers and construction companies to engage early with us so your project can be designed utilising the benefits of NelsonPine® LVL Mass Components. For further information from NPIL about what we can do for your project, contact us.

David Leonard: Project Manager


Phone: 021587987

Think of LVL as a big Meccano set – allow for consideration of tolerances. Close and early collaboration between architect, structural engineer, builder, manufacturer and fabricator results in significant efficiencies, cost savings and a reduced installation time frame – Steven van der Pol, Arrow International (NZ) Ltd.

The Nelson Airport Terminal

The NMIT Music and Arts Centre

The Nelson Airport Terminal at dusk

Advantages of using NelsonPine® LVL


Proven earthquake safety


Aesthetic appeal

High fire resistance

Softer acoustics

Double the strength to weight ratio of steel

Works well with other materials

Cost Effectiveness

Reduced foundation requirements

Rapid construction and time saving

Smaller cranes or larger reach

Durable in all environments

Off-site fabrication

Fewer truck movements


Local materials, local supplier

Low carbon footprint

Natural renewable material

Sourced from sustainable plantation forests

Reduced on-site waste

Quieter work site

Positive carbon balance