Nelson Pine Industries Limited


NelsonPine LVL is a highly sought after product in the building and construction sector. As an engineered wood product, it offers a range of benefits to building owners, developers and construction companies.

NelsonPine LVL is light weight, strong and durable as well as providing significant environmental benefits. Timber is a renewable resource and buildings constructed with NelsonPine LVL can be significant contributors to reducing our carbon footprint.

NelsonPine LVL has been used as the major structural material for a large number of construction projects around New Zealand. Some of the most recent and most significant projects are seen below.

NelsonPine LVL Projects team encourage all developers, specifiers and construction companies to engage early so your project can be designed utilising the benefits of NelsonPine LVL. For further information from Nelson Pine Industries about we can do for your project contact us.

David Leonard: Project Manager


Phone: 021587987

The Nelson Airport Terminal

The NMIT Music and Arts Centre

The Nelson Airport Terminal at dusk