Nelson Pine Industries Limited

NelsonPine LVL shines at Mount Pleasant

Christchurch’s new Mt Pleasant Memorial Centre was opened in mid-October. Designed by TV’s Grand Designs NZ presenter, Chris Moller of CMA+U, the new building has replaced the heavily damage existing hall in this earthquake-hit suburb. Chris created an new form for the building, taking inspiration from the local estuary and its shellfish, a ‘folded-wave’ design. From the outside the building looks reasonably conventional, however inside, NelsonPine cross-banded LVL was used to create the structure and finish of the building. Inspirational engineering from Alistair Cattanach and his team at Dunning Thornton Consultants allowed for the building be basically screwed together, and utilised the superb engineering properties of NelsonPine LVL and the triangular structure to turn Chris’s vision into a reality. Leighs Construction took on the daunting role of constructing this new design that needed to be  millimetre accuracy. The final result has the wow factor that we believe will bring in some international awards.