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LVL proves itself in Kaikoura Earthquake

One of the many advantages of LVL is its earthquake strength, particularly when compared with concrete and steel in commercial multi-story uses. The recent Kaikoura earthquake put the new LVL building housing the Council offices, library and museum through its paces.

One of the engineers involved with the project, Andy Reid from CGW Consulting Engineers, flew down after the quake to see how the building had fared:

“We were glad to report that the building appears to have been scarcely affected by the shaking, with no signs of superstructure movement or distress; and no sign of wall rocking, dissipater yielding or wall displacement. There was some pavement and plaster damage, some movement at sliding joints, but nothing of consequence.

I’m not so brave as to say it has been through a greater than design level shake unscathed, as we all understand that different shakes have different frequency components and durations that affect different buildings variously. But certainly, it has fared well in a severe quake and certainly proved a timely asset for the incoming council to host the hundreds of visiting police, Civil Defence, Red Cross, NZDF and international navy personnel who leapt in to re-establish the essentials to the region.

Walking in confidently post-quake to start using the building in such a manner should be pretty pleasing to all involved.”