Nelson Pine Industries Limited

Arkay has the Edge

Arkay Benchtops in Christchurch is one of the South Island’s largest benchtop manufacturers. “They have been using GoldenEdge MDF as their substrate for as long as I can remember,” says NPIL South Island Area Manager Ken Spicer.
Late last year they made a decision to change from GoldenEdge Liteboard to GoldenEdge HMR (High Moisture Resistance).
“We wanted a point of difference in the market and to reinforce our focus on a quality product,” said co-owner Steven Berry (pictured). “We, along with all the other fabricators, used to use GoldenEdge Liteboard as the substrate of choice, but we trialled GoldenEdge HMR and decided that it provided a superior substrate and consequently a superior end-product…hence the switch.”
Ken Spicer says Arkay have not looked back and are currently as busy as ever on the back of a very buoyant Christchurch residential and commercial market.