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GoldenEdge MDF

A world leader in environmentally responsible MDF production

Established in 1986, Nelson Pine Industries is one of the world’s largest single site producers of medium density fibreboard. GoldenEdge MDF is exported to markets around the world.

From the beginning the products of Nelson Pine Industries New Zealand have led the world in meeting the needs of kitchen and furniture manufacturers, joinery companies and builders. Using the advanced technology of the Küsters continuous press, we produce superior quality MDF and offer an unsurpassed range of board densities and thicknesses.

175,000 hectares of sustainable radiata pine forests provide Nelson Pine Industries with the superior quality raw material needed to manufacture our product range. These forests reach maturity in around 28 years compared with 200 years for tropical hardwoods.

Nelson Pine Industries takes the environment seriously with production processes in place that minimise dust, water use, effluent and noise. We have developed techniques which have reduced the amount of water required in the production process by two thirds, despite having trebled the output of GoldenEdge MDF. About 70% of the energy used on site is generated by burning wood waste in high efficiency furnaces. The remainder is from electricity. Since the mid 1980s we have been leading the way in significantly reducing formaldehyde levels of GoldenEdge MDF.

Quality and Environmental Assurance

GoldenEdge MDF products are manufactured in New Zealand by Nelson Pine Industries Ltd to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Utilising advanced manufacturing techniques, Nelson Pine’s Richmond plant incorporates continuous press technology with advanced computerised production control. This combined with the high quality plantation grown Radiata Pine fibre used in the manufacture of GoldenEdge MDF gives you a board with a consistency and range of sheet and thickness sizes that is unmatched in New Zealand.

GoldenEdge® MDF Panelbrace™ Wall Bracing Systems

GoldenEdge® MDF Panelbrace™ Wall Bracing Systems

A copy of the Appraisal is available via BRANZ – Appraisal 779

GoldenEdge® Thinline MDF Underlay

A copy of the Appraisal is available via BRANZ – Appraisal 395 (2018)

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